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Since 1887, Korthals occupies a special position in the world of paint, varnish, stain and powder coatings. Korthals Groep has a clear focus on ensuring commitment to customers. As such, the company translates specific demands and wishes into specific products and services. We believe in quality over quantity. We offer personal solutions tailored to your needs, rather than standard solutions. A way of thinking and effective co-creation that lead to striking results. Those who work with Korthals’s coatings, will all be assured of a successful finish. To this end, Korthals Groep clusters all activities of Korthals Lakken, Soen’s Meubelbeitsen and Korthals Poedercoatings. Divisions that represent a versatile product range. Each division has its own specialisation, yet they are all based on the same core values: to deliver coatings with added value. Such as carrying out technical assistance, customized products in colour, composition and products of high quality, based on many years of experience, craftsmanship and inventive research.

Pro-Color mixing system Pro-Color mixing system

Our unique Pro-Color mixing system allows you to define your own choice of colours. This way, you’ll always get the perfect fit.

Reliable quality Reliable quality

At Korthals you’re assured of reliable and lasting quality. The formulation of our products always remains constant!

Craftmanship since 1878 Craftmanship since 1878

For many years, Korthals has been a specialist in the production and development of industrial lacquers.

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