Welcome to Korthals Groep

Since 1878 Korthals has a special position in the world of paints, industrial coatings, powder coatings and wood stains. The focus of Korthals is the customer and specific questions of customers are translated in specific products. Quality above quantity, personnel advise instead of standard solutions. A way of thinking and cooperation resulting in appealing results. Success is guaranteed when working with the coatings of Korthals. The Korthals Groep consists of three divisions: Paintfactory Korthals, Soens’s Wood Stains and Powdercoatings. Divisions which offers a wide range of products. Each division has it’s own speciality and vision: coatings with added value. Added value like technical support, customized products in colour and composition and products of high quality based on many years of experience, craftsmanship and inventive research.